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Maple Street School’s Lower School spans the elementary school years, grades K-4. During these early years, while focusing on the core values of community, respect, and responsibility, we guide students in building friendships, making decisions, and resolving conflicts. 

Teachers recognize that each child is unique; students are given opportunities to experience success, and they are challenged at their own levels of development. Teachers help students learn strategies which best suit their learning styles.

We want our students to have hands-on experiences both in the classroom and beyond. We seek to take children off campus to expose them to events and places that provide a worthy experience. In addition, our building was designed with a door to the outside in every classroom so that classes can take advantage of the natural world.

Our stimulating curriculum helps students master core academic skills including writing, reading, language development, public speaking, mathematics, social studies, and science, while also integrating critical thinking, creativity, and collaboration. Students have classes in art, PE, French, and music many times throughout the week. Teachers cultivate a child’s natural curiosity. Our goal is for each child to be actively involved in their learning process.

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