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Guided by extensive classroom experience, as well as attention to current research in the field of education, our teachers have designed a dynamic Upper School curriculum that solidifies skills and integrates higher-level thinking on complex themes including social justice, power, global citizenry, and evolving definitions of liberty. With small class sizes, we are able cultivate key 21st-century skills such as creativity, effective communication, collaboration, and problem solving. We integrate technology intentionally and use technological tools to help our students gain important skills in writing, research, and design. In addition, students have classes in art, PE, French, choral music, and instrumental music five times in the course of two weeks.

Teachers provide personal feedback regularly and help students in their goal setting and reflection. Our teachers also encourage effective study skills through classroom routines and structures, an emphasis on responsibility, and instruction in specific techniques such as organizing and planning projects, learning how to manage homework, and practicing ways to use reference materials. Teachers take into account individual learning styles, and students learn strategies that best suit their styles. 

We want our students to have hands-on experiences both in the classroom and beyond. Our upper school trip program take students to New York, Quebec City, and Washington, D.C. to further their learning. The upper school also takes part in an advisory program and a work job program that reinforce values of community and stewardship.

Our Courage to Care program is expanded in these years and includes:

  • Care for self
  • Service to others
  • Cyber citizenry
  • Reflection and goal setting
  • Responsibility and attitude
  • Moral decision making
  • Respect
  • Teamwork and collaboration

We ask every student to sign a student covenant at the beginning of each year that reflects our community values. Our morning meeting program guides students in the exploration of topics such as friendship, decision-making, and conflict resolution in sessions focusing on social skills.

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