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322 Maple Street | Manchester Center, VT 05255 | 802.362.7137


We believe that there are many ways to understand and experience life and that these ways are shaped in part by gender, class, ethnicity, race, religion and sexual orientation. We also believe that a diverse and inclusive community strengthens, expands and empowers us all. By teaching children to appreciate and respond to differences, we are preparing them for the complex and multicultural world in which we live. By exploring similarities and differences, by examining stereotypes, and by acknowledging the range of perspectives that comprise any truth, we create a learning environment that validates each child, promotes community, and provides an honest framework for understanding the world.

At Maple Street School, we believe in…

  • Celebrating the connections we make through our similarities
  • Honoring our differences
  • Debating intelligently
  • Honoring different perspectives
  • Learning throughout our lives
  • Promoting curiosity
  • Studying different cultures, family traditions, and celebrations
  • Asking questions
  • Sharing authentic experiences
  • Self-reflecting
  • Problem-solving
  • Moving beyond our apprehensions, to identify the source of our fears and biases
  • Teaching empathy