Maple Street School is a nonprofit independent school operated by the Maple Street Board of Trustees. Maple Street School is accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges, and approved by the State of Vermont. 

The board of trustees of an independent school has three primary functions: 1) fiscal oversight, including budget-setting, monitoring the fiscal health of the school and fund-raising, 2) setting over-arching policy, such as tuition-setting, determining the extent of financial aid to be offered and, 3) strategic planning to chart the future course of the school and to define the school’s mission and develop strategies for advancing the mission. The board also has the responsibility for hiring the Head of School, its sole employee.

The board deliberately works at a high strategic level to ensure the school is healthy for the next generation of students. The board does not get involved in the operational aspects of the school. The Head of School reports directly to the Board of Trustees. The Head of School is responsible for enacting the policies of the Board and delivering a school experience based on the mission. Intermittently, the Head of School and the Board of Trustees engages an Advisory Council made up of community members that make recommendations on various issues. This group’s advice is non-binding, but is helpful to informing policy.

The Head of School hires the faculty and staff. The faculty and staff report only to the Head of School. The faculty and staff work with parents to create a unique learning environment guided by the mission of the School.

Board of Trustees

Peter Hershberg, Chair
Amanda Baer, Vice Chair
Rusty Davis
Sara Garay
Christopher Howe
Rocco Maggiotto
Daphne P. Markcrow
Mel McManus
David Pollock
Bob Van Degna
Kathy Zilkha

Janet Turnbull Irving, Trustee Emerita