Dr. Cricket Mikheev

Maple Street was founded in 1998 by parents who envisioned an outstanding foundational education for their children. Parents and educators joined together to design a program that honors children as individuals filled with potential. With its intentionally small size, Maple Street has the capacity to discern each student’s strengths, interests, and areas for development, and to cultivate each student’s growth. Children are respected as learners, artists, readers, scientists, athletes, musicians, community members, writers, mathematicians, and friends. The Maple Street School faculty nurture this curiosity and innate devotion to learning through rich, cross-disciplinary, hands-on curriculum that spans classes and departments. 

As a parent and an educator, I was drawn to Maple Street because the students’ daily experiences at school so clearly reflect the mission.

Maple Street School is a joyful academic community that cultivates personal and social responsibility. We nurture intellectual and creative growth through an engaging curriculum. Our culture of respect inspires confident learners.

During the school day, Maple Street hums with the activity of children who are actively engaged in learning. From reading poetry in our outdoor classroom to preparing a presentation for an all school meeting to hosting a medieval banquet as the culmination of a history study to adapting a Shakespeare play for their 8th grade performance to strumming chords on the ukulele, children are mastering essential academic skills in ways that are exciting and engaging.

We know that a strong grounding in academics is essential for children’s ability to thrive in an ever-evolving world. We also know that responsibility for self and others underpins all meaningful learning. Kindergarteners learn to sustain the migratory patterns of monarch butterflies and consider environmental stewardship. Upper schoolers contribute keeping the school tidy by taking out the trash and compost during work jobs. Maple Street is a community that learns and grows together through cross-grade buddies, community lunches, and weekly all school meetings. 

As a private school with a proud public purpose, at Maple Street, we take our responsibility for fostering respect among our community members very seriously. We celebrate diversity and welcome different perspectives. As a small, tight-knit community, every student here is known and loved. By cultivating curiosity, celebrating learning and creativity, and developing lifelong constructive habits of mind, Maple Street lives up to the dreams of our founders. Please come and visit us; our dream for children just may align closely with yours.



Dr. Cricket Mikheev
Head of School