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Helpful At-home Tech tips and Links

The following are some helpful links and tips to help make using technology at home a better experience for everyone:

  • For any meeting apps, if you don't have it downloaded already, download it before your meeting is about to begin and test your audio and video to make sure they work with it. You may have to give it permission to access your mic and camera.
  • Practice good virtual classroom edicate:
    • Don't talk when others are talking (this means anyone in the class)
    • Wait for others to finish before you talk
    • Mute your microphone when you aren't talking
    • Don't send unnecessary messages to classmates
    • Don't respond to unnecessary messages
    • Turn off the notification sounds for incoming messages (link below)
    • Be respectful of other's time
    • If a question only applies to you, ask it in a seperate chat to the teacher
    • Remember, we are all in this together
    • Take a break from your screen(s) when the teacher gives you a break
    • Go outside when you aren't in class!!!
  • Charge your device every night
  • Keep yourself and your stuff organized
  • Don't panic if something isn't working right
  • When in doubt, reboot!
  • Don't download anything without your teacher's or Mr Jacobs' approval




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