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Courage to Care

Inculcating values and the moral side of curriculum have become a core part of learning at Maple Street School. We believe moral intelligence is inextricably tied to intellectual development, global citizenship, and personal growth. We seek to teach integrity, cyber citizenry, autonomous goal setting, and community values through our developmental "Courage to Care" program.

We count on parent partnerships as well as authentic social situations  to teach our students how to respond to the challenges of the 21st century communities.

Maple Street School is launching a new community service program. Mary Mangiacotti, Maple Street School’s Language Arts teacher and community service leader, stated, “We want a community service program to reflect our mission and goals. Having our students share their time and talents in many ways helps students develop awareness of needs outside their own world, which is critical in middle school.

An important goal of our program is to support student awareness of the value of community involvement and service. Accordingly, we ask that students donate time to the community through our weekly advisory program as they work collectively on school-sponsored year-long projects. We also encourage students to participate in outside community service projects when possible.”  Early in the school year we welcomed local community service leaders who presented different service opportunities to the fifth through eighth grades. Kylee Ryan, Wellness Coordinator from Equinox Village, Sarah Hadden, a representative from KURA, Kids United for Rural Africa, Sgt. Mark Slade, an officer in the United States Army, Susan Fox, Coordinator for Bennington County Meals on Wheels, Lisa Kelly, local founder of Heart Works, and Debbie Wyman, Director of Home Away from Home Daycare in Manchester, explained ways our students can help their organizations.

Over the next few weeks, student advisory groups will each adopt one of these projects and spend time introducing themselves to the presenter, assessing the needs of those they will serve, and creating a plan that will make a difference by raising funds, donating time, sending care packages, and communicating with soldiers, the elderly, and others need of a smile.