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Elementary education is decisive in the creation of character and development of the habits of the mind. Maple Street’s outstanding core curriculum prepares students to excel both locally and at the nation’s finest prep schools and universities. Our graduates are known as exceptionally well-prepared students who stand out not only in their ability to meet the rigors of high school and college but also through their valuable contributions to both classroom learning and campus leadership.

Maple Street School’s dynamic learning environment and diversity of students creates a truly remarkable school experience. Maple Street School faculty members bring with them educational and pedagogical excellence to the classroom. Our faculty discovers what is unique about each child and then explores how best to tap into his or her talent and spirit of inquiry. It is through an authentic parent- school partnership that our students become genuine strategists and interactive thinkers, resulting in a school atmosphere steeped in academic excellence and joyful learning.

In addition, the development of character has been at the heart of a Maple Street School experience. Our rigorous academic program and strong sense of community are built upon this foundation of responsibility, integrity, and stewardship cultivated in our Courage to Care program. Maple Street’s sound scholastic model, joyful culture, and dedication to teaching excellence have brought many educators through our doors to learn from our example.

Excellence in Academics

Over two-thirds of our students score above the 96th percentile in national standardized tests, and more than half of the Maple Street students in grades three through eight qualified for the Johns Hopkins Talented Youth Program.

Excellence in the Arts

Maple Street Students are exposed to world-class opportunities though our collaborative partnerships with area art and theater institutions. Our musicians participate in the state-wide choruses and competitions.

Excellence in Athletics

Our athletic program includes six interscholastic team opportunities and in addition, many students compete at the state and national levels in their sport.

Excellence in Matriculation

Our graduates have matriculated not only to local high schools, but to over fifteen of the finest preparatory schools in the country including Andover, Burr and Burton Academy, Deerfield, Groton, Long Trail, Northfield Mount Hermon, Taft, St. Andrew's School, and Westover. Our graduates have also been accepted into top-tier colleges such as Yale and New York University.

Excellence in Community Service

Every grade in the lower school and each student in the upper school designs their own community service program and serves as leaders in the community.

Excellence in Educational Outreach

A “Beacon of Excellence,” Maple Street brings important leaders and speakers to the Northshire and created the Southern Vermont Education Consortium to reach out to area teachers.

A Community of Learners

We ask our students to create a learning environment for each other and choose on numerous occasions to combine different ages to build friendships. We recognize the distinct developmental stages of growing children and young adults and seek to create programs, choose literature, and select projects and activities, which are age appropriate. We want our older students to recognize, not patronize the achievements of the young. We want our younger students to look up to and respect the generosity of spirit of the older children. In these ways we believe that many of the values of kindness, inclusiveness in friendships, respect for others, and fair play will be learned.

Students as well as teachers create the context for learning, and we believe that this context should be welcoming for all, and that all have the responsibility of contributing to it. Parents can be powerful forces in helping the School create and support this sense of community among its students.

We ask parents to help us teach our students to be inclusive when inviting groups of school children to birthday parties or other special social occasions outside of school. Invitations to all the boys or all the girls from specified grades are fine, but we have found that problems arise when one or two boys or girls feel left out.