In Fourth grade the goal is to continue motivating the students to become curious life-long learners, and to help them acquire skills that will enable them to independently pursue learning with confidence.

When stepping into the Fourth grade classroom whether it be in our homeroom, outdoors, on field trips, or at school community events learning occurs in an environment where fun and enthusiasm are key elements, all individuals are celebrated, and there is a strong sense of community. Developing an understanding for how someone learns and creating learning opportunities and an environment where students are comfortable trying and willing to experiment with new things - skills, activities and/or approaches is in integral part of each day.

Focuses on going beyond providing instruction of skills and concepts to teaching students how to learn and how to apply what they have learned to the real world.

The students understand that our classroom, whether it be outside, on a field trip or where our desks and cubbies are found, it is a place: 

  • that is student-centered.
  • where connections are made, ideas are built on, and passion celebrated.
  • that nurtures and encourages the taking of risks, expressing opinions, being creative and discovering.
  • values of respect (for self and others), trust, honesty, kindness, diversity and creativity.

Students are constantly peer editing and tutoring one another. Hands-on activities, projects, games, cultural stories and crafts, artwork and technology are all used to foster inquiry, and problem-solving.