Elementary education is decisive in the creation of character and development of the habits of the mind. Maple Street’s outstanding core curriculum prepares students to excel both locally and at the nation’s finest prep schools and universities. Our graduates are known as exceptionally well-prepared students who stand out not only in their ability to meet the rigors of high school and college but also through their valuable contributions to both classroom learning and campus leadership.

Maple Street School’s dynamic learning environment and diversity of students creates a truly remarkable school experience. Maple Street School faculty members bring with them educational and pedagogical excellence to the classroom. Our faculty discovers what is unique about each child and then explores how best to tap into his or her talent and spirit of inquiry. It is through an authentic parent- school partnership that our students become genuine strategists and interactive thinkers, resulting in a school atmosphere steeped in academic excellence and joyful learning.

In addition, the development of character has been at the heart of a Maple Street School experience. Our rigorous academic program and strong sense of community are built upon this foundation of responsibility, integrity, and stewardship cultivated in our Courage to Care program. Maple Street’s sound scholastic model, joyful culture, and dedication to teaching excellence have brought many educators through our doors to learn from our example.