The physical education program at Maple Street is a dynamic program that develops confidence, self-esteem, personal fitness, and a healthy desire to be physically active for life. 

In our lower school curriculum, emphasis is placed on cooperation, movement education, and body and spatial awareness. Students are encouraged to continue to develop their locomotor skills, participate in cooperative games, listen to and follow directions, and cultivate manipulative skills and rhythmic activities. Hand-eye coordination is enhanced during skill units throughout the winter and spring months.  Personal fitness is developed through regular work within the areas of cardiovascular, flexibility, and strength. Individual, team, and lifetime sport skills are presented and applied to team situations, which gradually present age-appropriate levels of competition. 

Upper school physical education at Maple Street emphasizes the long term development of personal fitness through fitness testing and the tracking of progress toward each student’s fitness goals. Cardiovascular fitness, flexibility, strength, and agility are assessed periodically. Continued exposure to a wide variety of high intensity cooperative games and group challenges encourages students in our mixed age classes to work positively and productively during all group activities. Group initiatives and trust activities require our students to work together toward a goal while continuing to push them outside of their comfort zones. Sport skill units are presented in soccer, basketball, volleyball, hockey, tennis & badminton, lacrosse, baseball, and ultimate frisbee. The development of team skills and the importance of critical habits of good sportsmanship are an ongoing emphasis throughout the year.